Download Your Anti-Cookbook Book

Download Your Anti-Cookbook Book

Why we create the Anti-Cookbook Book?

We at Crownful are delighted to switch to a more digitalized system where we offer intuitive cooking videos and product references. we are encouraging everyone to join our advocacy to care and protect the environment by promoting "Paperless cookbook and video" which will contribute in the reduction of carbon footprint and minimize paper waste.


What you will get?

  • Always up-to-date and zoomable cookbook
  • Watch fun and healthy recipe videos and easy to follow
  • Easy to view recipes and video tutorials on your smartphone, laptop and gadgets whenever you need it
  • Never worry about misplacing or losing your cookbook


How to get the latest "Anti-Cookbook Book"?

Get easy access to all of these digital cooking references and videos by just clicking the below icon. And you can visit our online recipe database to get more recipes.


Air Fryer (English Version)

 Anti-Paper Cookbook Online Recipe Video


Air Fryer (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish Version)

 Anti-Paper Cookbook Online Recipe Video

Air Fryer Oven (English Version)

Anti-Paper Cookbook Online Recipe Video

Food Dehydrator (English Version)

 Anti-Paper Cookbook Online Recipe Video


Mini Waffle Maker (English Version)

Online Recipe Video

Toaster (English Version)

Online Recipe Video


Homemade Drinks (English Version)

Online Recipe Video


Note: Printed copies may still be requested by messaging


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