10L mini fridge

Why I cann't put 12 cans in?

To better place the 12 cans of beverages, please remove the container basket from the door of the mini fridge. (12oz/330ml)

Can I keep breast milk in my unit? 

Yes! Many new parents use our units to store breast milk conveniently in nurseries or nearby bedrooms. 

Can I store insulin in my unit? 

Yes, many of our customers use our units to store medications and other essentials. 

Can my 10L fridge keep things frozen? 

The 10L fridge should not be used as a freezer. Your mini fridge has the ability to keep things cool (or warm—depending which mode you choose). Frozen items will cool down to 35 to 40° below ambient temperature. Therefore, if you put a frozen item inside your unit and your room is 70° F, that item will be kept at a temperature between 30°– 35°F. 

What is the cooling temperature of the mini fridge? 

The Crownful mini fridge can keep contents (food, drinks, snacks, medications, etc.) cool anywhere from 35° to 40° below ambient temperature. Please refer to page 2 of this User Manual for complete product specifications. 

Are interior shelves removable? 

The shelves and container basket on the unit are removable. To remove, gently push the shelf up and slide it out. 

The back of my 10L mini fridge feels warm. Is this normal? 

Yes, this is normal. While in cooling mode, your Thermo-Electric Cooler/Warmer moves heat from inside the unit to the back of the unit (vent area). Make sure there is at least a 2-inch clearance for necessary air fellow and circulation. If the back of your fridge gets very hot, turn off the unit and contact Customer Support.

I hear a slight whirring sound in the back of my fridge. Is this OK? 

The fan makes a slight whirring sound in the fridge; this sound is normal. However, if you hear a very loud sound, turn off the unit, and contact Customer Support. 

Can I leave my fridge plugged in every day, 24 hours per day? 

Yes, you can leave your unit plugged into an AC outlet in your home. or for your car

If I plug my cooler/warmer unit into my car does the car engine need to be on for the unit to stay on? 

For car or motor vehicle use, we recommend unplugging your cooler/warmer unit when the car engine is on. Do not have the unit plugged in unless the engine is running. 

Can I use my fridge in a 220V outlet? 

The mini fridge ONLY works in 100-120V, in compliance with North American standards and cannot be plugged into a 220V outlet. 

Can I use a power bank (portable charger) with my 10L fridge? 

No, a power bank cannot be used with the fridge. 

Does my 10L fridge come with a warranty? 

Yes, this model comes with a standard 1-year limited warranty.


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