4L Mini Fridge


 1.COOLING AND WARMING: Set the fridge to cool or warm with just the flip of a switch! It cools up to 32°F (0°C) below ambient temperature or keeps warm up to 149°F (65°C) on the internal thermostat. Very easy to operate and use.

It comes with an AC power cord and a car cigarette lighter plug so you can use it either indoors or outdoors.

2.Do not change the switch from hot to cold or vice versa abruptly. Allow the unit to stay OFF for at least 30 minutes before switching the function. 

3.Do not use or store electrical appliances inside the food compartment.

4.The fridge is designed to keep the items warm/hot. It is not designed to heat cold or frozen items/foods.

5.Some factors that cause water accumulation in mini fridge:

1) Opening of the refrigerator frequently. Hot air from the outside enters the refrigerator and builds up as ice/frost.

2) When add too many drinks into the fridge, it causes internal temperature rise and frost.

3) The refrigerator door is not closed tightly or the sealing strip is damaged.

4) The room environment humidity is too high.

5) There is no air circulation around the refrigerator.

The refrigerator may accumulate water due to different indoor environments and usage methods. This may need regular maintenance and cleaning.


Q: What's the weight of the Crownful mini fridge

A: 5 Pounds

 Q: Can my fridge keep things frozen? 

A: The mini fridge should not be used as a freezer. Your mini fridge has the ability to keep things cool (or warm—depending on which mode you choose).

Q: I would like to buy this for my desk at work. Is it too loud to keep in a cubicle or is the noise level ok?

A: The Portable Electric Cooler & Warmer Fridge features a brush-less high-grade fan motor with the ability to perform quietly (25 dB Sleep Mode) and lasts longer than ever. You can rest easy!

Q: Can I have the dimensions?

A: The Crownful mini fridge has a 4-Liter capacity that can store up to six 12 oz. soda cans. The mini fridge size is 7.48x 9.85x10.83 inches, The interior size is 5.32x5.52x7.88 inches.

Q: The shelf can move or not?

A: It comes with a removable shelf

Q: There is ice build-up in the back of my recently mini fridge I received the other day, is that normal? How should I remove/prevent this from happening if not normal?

A: Yes, this is normal. When the outside temperature is high, and the temperature inside the refrigerator is low. Condensation water will be generated when the door is opened and exposed to the outside air. You can use a wet towel to remove the ice inside. Please know there is no way to prevent this since this is normal for a fridge. It may build up the ice more often if the refrigerator door is opened too many times.

Q: It is normal for our mini fridge to leak inside? What explanation can we give to the customer? 

A: Actually, this is normal, it may be caused by water condensation, which is normal during the cooling process. droplets may occur and drip, or may be caused by cold or frozen drinks, or food inside the compartment. 1.if the water drips due to condensation, you may wipe the area dry once it's already off, 2. clean the compartment after each use at least once or twice a week or if necessary. 

Q: Can I leave my fridge plugged in every day, 24 hours per day? 

A: Yes, you can leave your unit plugged into an AC outlet in your home. or for your car

Q: The back of my mini fridge feels warm. Is this normal? 

A: Yes, this is normal. While in cooling mode, your Thermo-Electric Cooler/Warmer moves heat from inside the unit to the back of the unit (vent area). Make sure there is at least a 2-inch clearance for necessary air fellow and circulation. If the back of your fridge gets very 

hot, turn off the unit and contact Customer Support.

Q: I hear a slight whirring sound in the back of my fridge. Is this OK? 

A: The fan makes a slight whirring sound in the fridge; this sound is normal. However, if you hear a very loud sound, turn off the unit, and contact Customer Support. 

Q: If I plug my cooler/warmer unit into my car does the car engine need to be on for the unit to stay on? 

A: For car or motor vehicle use, we recommend unplugging your cooler/warmer unit when the car engine is on. Do not have the unit plugged in unless the engine is running. 

Q: Can I use my fridge in a 220V outlet? 

A: The mini fridge ONLY works in 100-120V, in compliance with North American standards and cannot be plugged into a 220V outlet. 

Operates on US standard 110 volts outlets or 12-volt power

Q: Can I use a power bank (portable charger) with my fridge? 

A: No, a power bank cannot be used with the fridge. 

Q: Does my fridge come with a warranty? 

Yes, this model comes with a standard 1-year limited warranty.



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