Bullet Ice Maker 33lbs

1) Before using the ice maker for the first time, please wait for 2 hours or more after the unit has been leveled and positioned in the proper place.
2) Please note the ice maker is not a freezer. You need to use the ice ASAP or transfer it to your freezer.
3. How to clean the ice maker?
  • Clean the interior with diluted detergent, warm water and a soft cloth when you first use it.
  • Open the Auto cleaning program according to the Manual, and drain out the water from the draining port by unplugging the drain cap on the back.
  • Then test the ice maker by filling up the water reservoir with water mixed with baking soda or 2-3 tsp of vinegar just to test the first batch and eliminate any taste during the first use.
  • When the machine is not in use for a long time, open the water drain cap to drain the water completely out from the water reservoir.
  • It is better to change the water every 24 hours. and clean the unit every 3 days
4. Q&A
Question: Can it also be hooked up to a direct water line?
Answer: NO
Question: How often do you need to clean this?
Answer: It is recommended to clean once a week
Question: "ADD WATER"indicator turns on?
  1. Low water level or lack of ---Stop making ice, refill water and then press making ice key to restart ice-making cycle.
  2. The water screen at the bottom of water reservoir is blocked---Do cleaning.
  3. Pump malfunction---Send it to the authorized department for repair.
Question: "ICE FULL"indicator lights up
  1. Ice basket is full and the infrared light is blocked by the ice.---Remove the ice from ice basket.
  2. Infrared light-emitting diode & light-receiving diode do not work---
a. Wipe up the foreign objects on the infrared light-emitting diode & light-receiving diode and restart the ice maker.
b. Call Customer Service if the infrared light-emitting diode & light-receiving diode still can not work after wiping up the foreign objects on them and restarting the ice maker.
Question: indicator blinks
Answer: The ice shovel is blocked.---Please remove the ice if the ice shovel is blocked by ice,otherwise, call customer service for consultation.
Question: The ice maker stopped working.
Answer: The ice tray is not in the right position.---
  1. Remove the ice in the ice tray and press the making ice key to restart the appliance.
  2. Call Customer Service if the appliance still can not work after restart.
Question: The ice basket is full but the “ ICE FULL” indicator does not illuminate.
Answer: The “ice full” condition can not be detected as the infrared light module is interfered by the sunlight---Unplug the appliance and move it to a place which is not exposed to the sunlight, then plug the appliance and activate it again.
Question: The ice collects together.
  1. Making ice takes too much time.---Stop making ice and restart the ice-making cycle after the ice melts.
  2. The water in the water reservoir is of too low temperature.---Fill the water reservoir with water ranges between 46.4 ℉ and 77℉.
Question: The ice-making cycle seems normal but no ice is produced.
Answer: The ambient temperature or water temperature is too high.---Start the ice-making cycle at a environment with an ambient temperature less than 89.6℉ and fill the water reservoir with some cold water.
Question: Poor ice-making result
  1. Poor heat dissipation.---Leave an 8-inch (20cm) clearance on all sides of the ice maker for proper ventilation.
  2. The water temperature is too high.---Fill the water reservoir with water ranges between 46.4℉ and 82.4℉
  3. The ambient temperature is too high.---Operate the ice maker at a environment with an ambient temperature between 50℉ and 89.6℉.

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