Q:temperature appears too warm

A:1.frequent door openings

2. Allow time for recently added beverages to reach proper temperature.

3.Check gaskets for proper seal.

4.Adjust temperature control to closer settings.

Q: Is there any reason I shouldn't keep food-stuffs in here?

A: Food requires a lower storage environment, you can set the refrigerator cooler temperature to the lowest for short-term storage.

Q: What is the approximate energy cost per year?

A: The Annual energy consumption is 180kWh/ Year, the Max. Annual Energy Consumption is 183kWh/Year, the Estimated Annual Operating Cost is $22/Year.

Q: Can I place this under the counter?

A: This beverage cooler should not be recessed or installed in an enclosed cabinet. It is designed for freestanding installation only.

Q: Can the light be turned off, or is it always on?

A: You can tap the light button to turn on and off the light.

Q: Can this be used outside?

A: No,this only can be used indoor.

Q: the Temperature setting range

A: The temperature setting range of the refrigerator is 40-61 degrees Fahrenheit

Q: What’s the noise level?

A: The noise during operation is less than 42dB.

Q: Some factors that cause water accumulation in refrigerators.

A:1.Opening of the refrigerator frequently. Hot air from the outside enters the refrigerator and builds up as an ice/frost.

2.When add too many drinks into the fridge, it causes internal temperature rise and frost.

3.The refrigerator door is not closed tightly or the sealing strip is damaged.

4.The room environment humidity is too high.

5.There is no air circulation around the refrigerator.


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