CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)
CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)
CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)
CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)
CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)
CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)
CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)
Load image into Gallery viewer, CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)
Load image into Gallery viewer, CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)
Load image into Gallery viewer, CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)
Load image into Gallery viewer, CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)
Load image into Gallery viewer, CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)
Load image into Gallery viewer, CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)
Load image into Gallery viewer, CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)

CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer(Black)

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CROWNFUL 5QT Air Fryer, Electric Air Fryers with 7 Presets, Digital LCD Touch Screen Control Panel, Nonstick Basket, 1500W UL Listed Oven


    Item Condition: New

    Model No: AFT05001-UL

    UPC: 850014439439

    • 360° RAPID AIR TECHNOLOGY: The Crownful 5-Quart Air Fryer uses 360 degrees rapid air frying technology to make sure the food is cooked evenly. You can also enjoy splatter-free cooking with up to 80% less fat or oil.
    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL ALL-IN-ONE COOKER: Cook your favorite meals using the different built-in presets which is designed to give you multiple cooking options. The PRESETS are: French Fries, Meat, Shrimp, Cake, Chicken, Steak, Fish Fillet or you can also easily customize the setting to cook your food exactly as you want.
    • EASY TO CLEAN & OPERATE: The non-stick basket makes it easier to clean. It is also equipped with a durable handle guard to prevent accidental detachment. The touch screen digital control panel is very convenient to use. You can start cooking with just a few touches of a button.
    • DURABLE & SLEEK DESIGN: The neat and sleek design makes it perfect to put in any kitchen countertop. The matte finish reduces fingerprints and scratches on the surface. It has 5 quarts (4.8L) capacity, enough to serve food for 2-4 persons. It comes with a bonus cookbook with delicious & easy recipes for your daily meals.
    • SAFETY & WARRANTY: The Crownful Air Fryer is UL listed which means you can be sure it is safe to use. CROWNFUL offers 1-year so you can trust that your issues and concerns will be addressed accordingly.



    1 x CROWNFUL 5qt Air Fryer

    1 x User Manual

    1 x Recipe Book


    Voltage: AC 120V, 60Hz

    Rated Power: 1500W

    Temperature Range:180F~400F 



    Q: How to clean the air fryer?

    A: Soak the detachable parts of the air fryer in water with dishwashing liquid or soapy water for about 10 minutes if needed, and then lightly scrub with a non-abrasive sponge afterward. Use the soft side of the sponge to wipe the non-stick surface. Do not use an abrasive type of cleaning pad.

    NOTE: Do not soak them for too long as this may also affect the coating of the materials. It is best to wipe each part dry once done washing them to avoid any markings. Use a damp cloth or sponge when cleaning the outer part of the unit.


    Q: Can I roast a whole chicken?

    A: Yes, we suggest the chicken should be less than 3 pounds.


    Q: What is the warranty?

    A: We offer 12 months warranty for all our products.


    Q: How to STOP the air fryer while using?

    A: Press the power button once, and wait for about 20 seconds, the fryer will stop. If you want to shake the food, just pull out the basket to shake, it will resume after putting it back in.

    NOTE: It is normal that the blower inside will continue to run for about 20-30 seconds after turning it off as this helps in cooling down the unit. Please unplug it once the blower stops.


    Q: My door won't open, I shut it and then went to go open it, but it won't open, is there some way to open the door?

    A: This is probably because of the pressure difference between the inner part of the air fryer oven and the outer. Please power on the air fryer and use the preheat function to heat the oven’s inner part first and then try to open it again. If the problem persists, please contact us through Amazon or email support.


    Q: We have a customer asking how can she remove the spots that the moisture/water left in the fryer basket?

    A: Some steam is normal. We recommend heating up the oven without putting any food in so that the steam will evaporate. 


    Q: Why is the food not cooking evenly from the top to the bottom of the rack?

    A: The hot air comes from the top of the air fryer oven which is different from the traditional oven with a fan built into the rear of the oven. Please make sure you don’t put too many ingredients/food on the top rack which may stop the air circulation.


    Q: What is the air fryer basket made of? And is the inside stainless steel?

    A: The basket and the inside part are made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and weighs about a third of what steel weighs. It is often the best option for food applications.


    Q: Can it be used to bake a cake?

    A: This air fryer has a Cake preset menu.


    Q: When I first use the air fryer, it smoked and gave off a bad smell. Is this normal?

    A: Yes, this is normal. Initial start-up operation may produce a smell and smoke for about 15 minutes. It is due to the protective substance on heating elements that protect them while they are stored. Cook slices of lemon at 400℉ for 5-10 minutes to minimize the smell.


    Q: Is there any cooking function on the air fryer that does not use the fan? 

    A: Every cooking function on the air fryer will use the fan. High-performance circular heat technology that allows quick and even cooking every time.


    Q: Can I cook pizza on this air fryer?

    A: Yes. This air fryer does not have a “pizza” cooking function but you can adjust the time and temperature according to your recipe’s needs.







    This air fryer oven only works with 120V electricity, make sure to check your outlet’s power voltage before using the product if you are NOT in the US.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 146 reviews
    Exactly what I was hoping for.

    I was in the marketl an airfryer to prepare the frozen food I buy from Nutrisystem. It turned out to be perfectly compatible. The directions with the airfryer said for ready made frozen food set temp 50F lower than
    the heating instructions on package and cook for 50% of the time. My first try came out perfect. Crispy on the outside (I used a non-aerosol olive oil spray) and ooey gooey on the inside. The inside was uniformly hot but not tongue burning hot. And no cold spots. Plus, unlike a microwave, the food remains warm. I feel as though, barring no breakdowns, U am getting my money's worth.

    Love this air fryer

    This 5 quart air fryer is way better than the 3.5 qt it replaced (died after 2 years) Its a nice shiny black with easy to use touchscreen on front. Been cooking mostly meat items (whole chicken, wings, sausage, ect..) and everything comes out perfect. Its very quiet while running and easy clean up when done. 1 yr replacement warranty gives peace of mind.

    The V Man
    Cooks fast and surprisingly crispy

    My wife wanted one of these. I was leary because I didn't believe that it could really do a good crust, but I was surprised at just how well it did. Frozen chicken strips and fries had a surprisingly crispiness to them. And since you aren't boiling them in oil, they don't have nearly as much fat as normal, so it is a good way to help reduce your fat intake without having to just give up a lot of foods.

    Amazing in everway

    Everything I put in this has turned out delicious and perfect. All foodie's must have this!

    Great purchase!

    We love our air fryer. It is great for making a quick meal. It arrived quickly.

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