Question: Is there any reason I shouldn't keep food-stuffs in here?
Answer: Food requires a lower storage environment, you can set the refrigerator cooler temperature to the lowest for short-term storage.
Question: What is the approximate energy cost per year?
Answer: The Annual energy consumption is 180kWh/ Year, the Max. Annual Energy Consumption is 183kWh/Year, the Estimated Annual Operating Cost is $22/Year.
Question: Can I place this under the counter?
Answer: This beverage cooler should not be recessed or installed in an enclosed cabinet. It is designed for freestanding installation only.
Question: Can the light be turned off, or is it always on?
Answer: You can tap the light button to turn on and off the light.
Question: Can this be used outside?
Answer: No,this only can be used indoor.
Question: the Temperature setting range
Answer: The temperature setting range of the refrigerator is 40-61 degrees Fahrenheit
Question: can this be returned?
Answer: The beverage cooler contains condensation, Amazon does not allow automatic return, if you need to return, please contact the customer service via a CROWNFUL website.
Question: What’s the noise level?
Answer: The noise during operation is less than 42dB.
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