Is It Worth It To Get An Air Fryer?

Is It Worth It To Get An Air Fryer?

Is the hype all a bunch of hot air? The air fryer is becoming a popular countertop appliance and one of the most useful kitchen appliances to have right now. It can match the taste and texture of your favorite deep-fried foods–minus all the fat and all those extra calories. There are also many possible usages of air fryer for use efficiently and some are surprised by how good a job the air fryer did. However, that depends on one person to person. Before deciding if you should really get an air fryer, here are some of the things that you should know.


Healthier Meals

An air fryer will allow you to cook your favorite foods in a healthier way. Air fryers use hot air and very less amount of oil to fry foods thus reducing the amount of oil as used in deep-fried foods. For example, when potatoes are fried in oil, it makes a chemical called acrylamide, which has been linked to cancer. Using an air fryer instead can reduce the amount of the chemical by up to 90 percent. It is the main reason why people love air frying more than deep frying. This would be a big help to those who want to lose weight and fats.


Quick And Efficient

An air fryer cooks quicker compared to a convection oven or stovetop. Air fryers take just minutes to preheat, and most of the heat stays inside the appliance. Even frozen foods are quickly cooked because the effect of the heat is intensified by the circulating air. It also does not make your home smelly with fried food.


Safe And Easy To Use

Most fryers are designed to be really easy to use. You won’t be needing a culinary degree to use it. You can shake your food once or twice during the cooking cycle, especially for things like fries, chips, wings, and nuggets. This is still safer than deep frying as sometimes deep frying can cause an accident due to hot oil.


Space Saving

It is a small countertop appliance that takes less space. An air fryer can replace an oven in a situation that lacks one and can be more useful than a toaster oven or steamer.
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  • I was given the Crownful 12 in 1 Air Fryer the first time I used the appliance it shows E1 malfunction.
    I need help to solve this issue.

    Thank you

    Marsha Sweeney
  • If I want to reheat noodles, can I use Pyrex ovenware inside the air fryer oven?

    Diane Von Aspern
  • So far after two weeks using the Model TO5712T-UL I am very disappointed. The toast are not cooked evenly and the basket to be used with fries does not work properly

    Nick Matesic

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